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IGI 2 Convert Strike

     IGI 2 Convert Strike is a computer game developed by Innerloop Studios and released by code masters in 2003. IGI 2 convert strike gives you control of David Jones, an ex-army man recruited by IGI (Institute for Geotactical Intelligence). IGI 2 Convert Strike is a group of highly trained elite warriors, controlled by the private sector and founded by Senator Pat Lenehan.

The mix of action and stealth in IGI is a pretty good one. You can mark it somewhere in between Splinter Cell and an action shooter. While it's possible to complete most levels by running through shooting everything that you see, it's insanely difficult. Enemy AI are incredible shots (marking my first AI complaint) and can hit you from a few hundred feet with an Uzi. So in order to get through most of the missions, you'll need to resort to stealth and planning. This is how the game was designed to be played and it works well in most cases.

In IGI Convert Strike game you play an agent recruited into the Institute for Geotactical Intelligence, a covert organization set up after the cold war to fight terrorism and basically kick full tilt boogie for freedom and justice. Your name is Jones, David Jones. I use that James Bond affectation deliberately because the story and parts of the game are clearly inspired by 007 which isn't bad company to keep. The plot is pushed along at a frighteningly fast pace with cut-scenes played between the missions, as soon as a character is introduced they will attempt to kill, aid or betray you almost instantly. Despite all the twists and turns it also comes across as rather stale.. The voice acting is well done throughout and some of the sequences are excellent, particularly the ones where you fly in or out of a mission showing off the landscape as you hover down a valley. But then there are a number of briefings by Major Rebecca Anya. Where she just sits in front of a bland terminal. So some cut scenes are fun and exciting and others very straight forward. I will also say that the ending of the game is quite action packed but very short.

IGI 2 Convert Strike features a 19 mission campaign set in real world locations spanning three main continents. The game has also features an impressive arsenal of over 30 weapons.

IGI 2 convert strike is being released for stealth-based shooters. To differentiate their title, the developers Innerloop opted to use large open levels with the purpose of giving players great freedom in their approach. The engine they used was developed internally and had been adapted from being used for a flight simulator. If you like to play hand fight you should check Tekken 3.

Your main weapon in IGI 2 convert strike against all that's put in front of you is your GPS map. Not only does it give you the layout of each level but it plots the movements of guards and cameras, so it's always worth taking the time and using it to plan before doing anything else at the start of each mission. The weaponry available is reasonably well balanced; Jones is able to carry three weapons at any one time, one large, one small and one hand to hand as well as grenades, and part of the game is knowing when to drop the weapons you started with and move on to ones you find during the mission. The guns range from silenced pistols to sub machine guns and sniper rifles via the usual route of every ex-commie's favorite, the AK-47. And if the loud option doesn't take your fancy, there's always the ubiquitous stealth kill for players who like their kills a little more cold blooded. Alongside your map guns you have access to the usual array of spy related crap, such as thermal goggles, devices for hacking into security systems, C4 and laser wire cutters all of which serve some purpose throughout the game to aid you against your terrorist chums. Overall the IGI 2 Convert Strike is one of the best shooting game that I have played. To download this game fast download IDM 6.10.

IGI 2 Convert Strike Ops

System Requirement for IGI 2

1.     Pentium III or Pentium 4 or Athlon 1.2GHz Processor

2.     128MB RAM (512MB RAM Recommended)

3.     1.9GB Hard Disk Space

4.     32MB 3D Accelerated Video Card

5.     Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vist/Windows 7

6.     DirectX-compatible Sound Card





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