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       Need for Speed II Special Edition, released in Japan developed by Electronic Art Canada and published by Electronic Arts as well. There are three main game types in Need for Speed II Special Edition. The first two are single race and tournament and the last is a knockout race. Single races allow players to become familiar with the circuits and increase their skill of any one of the six tracks. Its one of the best racing simulator games in the market.

The main focus of the game (Need for Speed II Special Edition) is of course, racing against opponents. There are some different events to drive in though. The first is the hot lap, where you'll be given a select car and challenged to beat a certain time. Then you have eliminator, where the last placed racer gets eliminated when the clock hits zero. And finally you have the one that's the most different drifting. Drifting has been around in the franchise for a while, it was a prominent component in Need for Speed: Underground and in Shift 2 Unleashed it's a pretty similar premise. You'll have to drift around a track and you'll be scored depending on the line of your drift, its angle and its duration. To download this game fast and quick use this software for free IDM 6.10

Six tracks used in Need for Speed II Special Edition:-

1. Mediterranean

2. Mystic Peaks

3. Proving Grounds

4. Outback, North Country

5. Pacific Spirit.

In a single race the player selects the opposing car, while all cars compete in a tournament and at the start of a knockout race. There is also two playing styles arcade or simulation. Arcade mode improves handling while simulation mode is intended to provide more realism. The number of laps can be chosen from two, four or six. In Need for Speed II Special Edition you can choose your favorite track and play as you like.

A tournament race involves playing all tracks in order with the starting track able to be selected. Only after successfully completing a tournament in first place can knockout races can be played. Knockout races involve racing two laps over each of the six tracks with a number of opponents.

The feature of Need for Speed II Special Edition allows for a lot of freedom as players can choose to only mildly update their car with better brakes, semi-slicks and a light weight reduction or dig deeper into the accessory list and create a full-on race car that only shares the base chassis with its road-going counterpart.

The most extreme upgrade in Need for Speed II Special Edition is the so-called works conversion that creates a true racing car, including a brand new cockpit and completely new driving characteristics. Gran Turismo 5 had a similar but less extensive feature that allowed a conversion of certain cars, unfortunately that was limited to less than 15 models In Shift 2 almost all road cars can be converted to racing vehicles.

One of the best things that happens in Need for Speed II Special Edition is the first pre-race drive around, which allows the game to test the performance of the player, starting with whatever settings he wants, in order to then propose a better selection of options, better suited to the skills one has.

Despite being at the very beginning of Need for Speed II Special Edition, it's one of the toughest races of the whole Need for Speed and can be really frustrating for newcomers, especially if one is trying to win it outright. After doing quite badly a couple of times, I just let go of trying to win and just got through the race to get to the career progression. Going with the flow and learning to only get the minimum result for progression is a must for anyone who plans to spend a lot of time with the new Need for Speed.

Need for Speed 2 makes it pretty clear that Electronic Arts is looking to split its premiere racing franchise into two very distinct lines, one dealing with the road-racing experience, complete with the concept of an open world and police chases, and another one that is more simulation focused and is more interested in the pilot's experience.

In Need for Speed II Special Edition it doesn't really feel like there's a huge amount of down force on the cars they seem to just glide, rather than feel rooted to the track. It's not a huge problem when using the slower cars, as you can compensate quite easily. But when you're using the faster cars and you want to go flat-out, it just doesn't work that well. If you make a slight compensation to correct your line, the car will sway way more than it should, meaning you then have to further compensate. If you're playing in a first-person mode, this might seem rather confusing, but if you switch to a behind the car view, it makes a bit more sense. Even when you're going around a very minor-grade corner, without applying much torque, the back of the car will still slide out slightly and it's this that initially causes the need to compensate a downward spiral. When going around a standard corner, the car will almost always slide out to some degree. The physics are all there, as shown by the amended camera you can use, but it doesn't stop you feeling like you have very little control of the car.

Need for Speed II (Special Edition) Cheats & Codes

Giant tires

At the car select screen type "reenoip" to have giant tires.

Bad Weather on Mystic Peaks

Type "rain" at the main menu to race with rain conditions in the Proving Grounds or Mystic Peaks tracks.

NOTE: This cheat does not work with 3DFX cards.

Bonus Cars (Need for Speed 2 Special Edition)

To access these vehicles, type one of these words at the Car Select screen.

vip = limo

go18 = school bus

go19 = commanche pick-up

go20 = school bus

go21 = semi

go22 = school bus

go23 = red car

go24 = school bus

go25 = shool bus

go26 = red car-black

go27 = vw fastback

go28 = red car-blacktop

go29 = school bus

go30 = school bus

go31 = army truck

go32 = school bus

go33 = snow truck

go34 = monolithic studios tour bus

go35 = limo

go36 = red car

go37 = school bus

go38 = fast school bus

go39 = fast...

Mad Cow Disease

Type "mad" at the main menu to have cows fly behind your car instead of dust. (THIS CHEAT WORKS ONLY WITH¿3D FX CARDS.)

Rainbow Car

Type "kcjones" at the main menu to drive a rainbow colored car. (THIS CHEAT WORKS ONLY WITH¿A 3D FX CARD.)

No "Walls" (Need for Speed II)

Start the race on either the Mediteraneo or the Mistic Peaks track with the McLaren F1 in Simulation mode. At any time during the race drive in reverse, keep your horn blaring and hit any at moveable object (NOT A SIGN) at about 60mph now the cheat is enabled.

To use the cheat you must drive over¿80mph and hit any guard rail, bridge, etc. You will fly off track.

Auto Pilot

At the main menu screen type SLOT to drive a car that will steer for you.

Bonus Track

To race through Hollywood studios, type "HOLLYWOOD" at the track selection screen.

Faster Engine

To upgrade all vehicles to the Pioneer engine, enter the password "PIONEER".

Chase Mode

When you are at the main menu screen type in the word CHASE.¿ During the race, if u go close to a car and then continue driving the car will follow you.¿ EX. If u crash he will crash too.¿ This works on NFS 2 SE cars not the civilians.

Ford Indigo

To drive the Ford Indigo, win the game in tournament mode or type "RED RACER" at the main menu.

North Country Shortcuts

Prior to the 1st switchback right after the grey tunnel, slow down and go right down the hillside. You there is no fence to stop you in the middle. You will bypass the first switchback by doing this.

Off Road in Monolithic Studios (Need for Speed II)

Race in Monolithic Studios until you reach the Jurassic Park segment in Need for Speed 2 special edition. After you pass the first two huts on your right, drive about 20 feet and you will be able to turn right and enter the jungle.

Overhead Camera

While the game is loading, press and hold B and Right Shift 6 times. After the camera zooms to the car at the beginning of the race, press and hold these 6 times again. You will now be able to drive in the over-head camera view.

Play at Night

To play at night, hold 'N' while the race is loading.

Pacific Spirit Shortcuts in Need for Speed II Special Edition

1. At the part where you see the parking lot on the left, enter the parking lot. Now drive on the grass until you reach the road again.

2. Drive down a logging road. When you reach the long straightaway by the sea. Slow down veer right towards the trees. There is enough room to go in between them. Then you will have a straight stretch on a logging road that runs parallel to the road. Beware it ends where the black mountains start exit the same way, between the trees and to your left.

Rush Hour

On the main menu, type 'rushhour'. While the playing, the cars around you will honk constantly.


When you are in the main menu type in ROADRAGE. While racing, honk your horn to make the car in front of you crash.


To take a screenshot, press F10 while playing.

Slippery Tracks (Need for Speed II Special Edition)

Type 'slip' at the main menu to make the track really slippery!

Taking everything into consideration, it is safe to say that Need for Speed II Special Edition is not more of a simulation than anything out there, Slightly Mad Studios’ second Need For Speed title is a major improvement over the first Shift in pretty much all regards though.

Need for Speed 2 Special Edition in Action

System Requirement

1.     Pentium III 900MHz Processor (1GHz Recommended)

2.     256 MB RAM (512MB RAM Recommended)

3.     1 GB Hard Disk Space Required

4.     32 MB 3D Accelerated Video Card

5.     Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7


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